Welcome to Liu Research Group

The primary interests of the Liu Group lie in fundamental understanding of the effect of structure, composition, morphology, and defects on electrical, chemical, catalytic, and electrochemical properties of ionic and electronic conductors, especially charge and mass transfer along surfaces, across interfaces, and through complex electrodes. In particular, we are interested in developing new strategies and novel materials for efficient and cost-effective chemical and energy transformation. Our research activities center on synthesis and fabrication, in situ characterization, and multi-scale modeling of membranes, thin films, and nanostructured electrodes with heterogeneous surfaces and interfaces, aiming at achieving rational design of materials and structures with unique functionalities for efficient energy storage and conversion

Current Research Activities

  1. Design, synthesis, fabrication, characterization, and application of ionic and electronic conductors for chemical and energy transformation;
  2. Fabrication and evaluation of coatings, thin films, membranes, porous electrodes with nanostructured surfaces or interfaces, and solid-state ionic devices;
  3. Probing and mapping adsorbed species and incipient phases on electrode surfaces and interfaces using Raman spectroscopy (including surface enhance Raman scattering), x-ray techniques, mass spectrometry, and impedance spectroscopy under realistic conditions, providing critical insights into the mechanisms of electrode processes.