Federal Agencies : Department of Energy (DoE) Office of Basic Energy Science (BES); DoE ARPA-E; DoE EERE; DoE SECA Core Technology Program; National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL); National Science Foundation (NSF); Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA); Office of Naval Research (ONR); Army Research Office (ARO)- Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP); National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

National Labs : Argonne National Laboratory (ANL); Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Non-profit Organizations : American Chemical Society (ACS) - Petroleum Research Fund (PRF); Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI); Gas Research Institute (GRI); Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC)

Industries : Nissan Technical Centre North America; Kolon Industries; HiFunda; MillenniTek; Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT); TOPSOE Fuel Cells; Phillips 66; ConoxoPhillips; Pall Corporation; Nissan Motor Company; Samsung Display Devices; Toyota Technology Center/Toyota Motor Company; Shell Chemical; MicroCoating Technologies; Gazillion Bits; Symphonic Optical Technologies; Reactive Energy; Johnson Electromechanical Systems; Engelhard Corporation; Caleb Technology Corporation; Kimberly-Clark; Ceramatec; Eka Nobel Chemicals; Cummins Engine Company; Elkem

Current Research Projects

  1. Development of Nb oxide coated high Ni-Mn cathode materials for next generation batteries (Samsung, SDI)
  2. Development of Proton Conductor Based Reversible Solid Oxide Cells for Efficient Energy Conversion and Storage (Phillips 66)
  3. Durable and High-Performance SOECs Based on Proton Conductors for Hydrogen Production (DOE-NETL)
  4. Structure and oxygen defect tuning of M-Nb2O5-x/carbon composite electrode for high performance lithium-ion batteries (CBMM, Brazil)
  5. Reversible fuel cells for co-generation of hydrogen and power (DOE through Phillips 66)
  6. Novel Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (Hightower Endowed Chair)
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    Prior Grants and Contracts

  8. Man-portable, direct-fuel capable, tubular solid oxide fuel cell (ARL through MillenniTek, Phase 2.2, 9/2021-9/2023)
  9. Man-portable, direct-fuel capable, tubular solid oxide fuel cell (ARL through MillenniTek, Phase 2, 10/2020-09/2022)
  10. T-Nb2O5-based film electrode for next-generation ultrafast batteries (CBMM, Brazil, 11/2019-12/2022)
  11. Rational Design of PGM-free Catalyst for PEMFCs (Hyundai, 11/2019-4/2021)
  12. Effect of Doping/Nanostructuring on Properties of perovskite catalysts for OER (NSF DMR-1742828, 8/1/17-7/31/23)
  13. Durable, High-Performance Unitized Reversible Fuel Cells Based on Proton Conductors (DOE EERE, 10/2018-3/2022)
  14. high-performance intermediate-temperature SOFCs (Nissan Technical Centre, 4/2018-3/2021)
  15. Highly-Active and Contaminant-Tolerant Cathodes for Durable SOFCs (DOE Fossil Energy, 10/1/17-9/30/19)
  16. Development of High-Performance SOFC Materials (Phillips 66, 1/2019-12/2021)
  17. Freeze Casting of tubular solid oxide fuel cells (ARL through MillenniTek LLC, 5/2018-4/2020)
  18. Development of Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (ARL through MillenniTek, 10/2017-9/2019)
  19. Development of cost competitive MEAs for high-performance PEM fuel cells (Kolon Industries, 3/2017-6/2019)
  20. Investigation into surface-modified electrode materials for Li-ion batteries (NSF, 7/2014-6/2018)
  21. A Novel Intermediate-Temperature Fuel Cell Tailored for Efficient Utilization of Methane (DOE ARPA-E, 10/2014-2/2018)
  22. Design and Fabrication of Novel Mixed Ion-Electron Conducting Membranes for Oxygen Separation (DOE through HiFunda, 10/2015-9/2017)
  23. Low-Cost, Durable, Contaminant-Tolerant Cathodes for SOFCs (DOE-SECA, 10/1/2015-6/30/2017 )
  24. Novel Capacitive Electrodes with High Ionic and Electronic Conductivity for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells with Dynamic Response Capability (ARPA-E, 10/1/2014-9/30/2016)
  25. Ultra-high Performance Supercapacitors using Tailored Molecular Spacers (ARPA-E, 5/1/2013-4/30/2016)
  26. Fundamental Investigations and Rational Design of Durable High-Performance Cathodes (DOE-SECA, Core Technology Program, 10/1/2012-9/30/2015)
  27. Science Based Nano-Structure Design and Synthesis of Heterogeneous Functional Materials for Energy Systems (DOE-BES, EFRC, 10/1/2009-7/31/2015)
  28. Battery Powered Oxygen Generators (DOD through HiFunda, 2015-2016)
  29. Fabrication and Testing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (1806K44) (ARL through MillenniTek, 2015)
  30. Fundamental Study of Sulfur-Tolerant Anodes for TOPSOE Cells (Topsoe Fuel Cells, 3/2011-8/2014)
  31. Modeling, Simulation, and Characterization of Hydrogen Permeable Membranes (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, 10/2010-8/2014)
  32. Novel Materials for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (ConocoPhillips, 5/2010-4/2013)
  33. Experimental and first principles-based investigations of Pd-based membranes for hydrogen separation with sulfur/carbon tolerance, (DoE through Pall Corporation, 6/2011-6/2012)
  34. Theory, Investigation, and Stability of Cathode Electrocatalytic Activity (DOE-SECA Core Technology Program, 2008-2012)
  35. Understanding the Interfacial Structure-Chemistry Relationships in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (DOE-BES, 10/2006-9/2010
  36. Characterization of Atomic and Electronic Structure of Electrochemically Active SOFC Cathode Surfaces (DoE-UCR, 3/2006-8/2009)
  37. Sulfur-Tolerant Anodes for SOFCs (DoE/NETL, SECA Core Technology Program, 2005-2009)
  38. Proton Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cells (Toyota, 2003-2008)
  39. Functionally Graded Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (DOE/NETL, SECA Core Technology Program, 2002-2008)
  40. NSF Industry/University Corporative Research Center – Fuel Cells (NSF, 2005-2008)
  41. Novel Electrolyte Membranes for a New Generation of SOFCs (Nissan Motor Company, 2005-2008)
  42. Advanced Fuel Cells for Aerospace Power Generation (NASA-URETI, with Dr. Parekh of GTRI, 2002-2007)
  43. Quantitative Characterization of Cr Poisoning of Cathode Activity (DOE/NETL, SECA Core Technology Program, 2006-2007)
  44. Probing and Mapping Interfacial Reactions in SOFCs Using Raman spectroscopy, FTIR Emission Spectroscopy, Impedance Spectroscopy, and Mass Spectrometry (DURIP/ARO)
  45. Nanostructured Composite Electrodes for Lithium Batteries (DoE, Basic Energy Science Program, with Dr. J. Gole of Physics)
  46. Hybrid Metal/Electrolyte Monolithic Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (DARPA/DSO, Palm Power Program, with Drs. J. Cochran, J. Lee, D. McDowell, and T. Sanders)
  47. Novel Materials for Low-Temperature SOFCs (NETL/DoE, University Coal Program)
  48. Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries (Samsung)
  49. Nanostructured Solid-State Power Capacitors (MicroCoating Technologies/Navy)
  50. SOFCs Powered by Sour Natural Gas (Shell Chemical)
  51. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using H2S as Fuel (NSF, with Dr. J. Winnick of Ch.E.)
  52. Development of Ceramic Membranes for Hydrogen Separation (ANL)
  53. Novel Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems (Reactive Energy)
  54. Nanostructured Porous Electrodes Fabricated by CCVD (MicroCoating Technologies/DoE)
  55. Development of Electrodes for H2S removal (ONR, with Dr. J. Winnick of Ch.E.)
  56. Preparation of Transparent Conducting Coatings (Symphonic Optical Technologies, Inc.)
  57. Preparation and Characterization of Mesoporous Eletrodes for Solid State Ionic Devices (NSF, Division of Chemical &Transport Systems)
  58. Preparation of Transparent Conducting Metal Oxide Coatings Using a Sol-Gel Peocess (Gazillion Bits, Inc.)
  59. Advanced Electrode Materials for Lithium Batteries (American Chemical Society - PRF)
  60. Modeling and Design of Mixed-Conducting Electrodes for SOFCs (ORNL)
  61. NSF Young Investigator Award (NSF, Division of Materials Research)
  62. Ceramic Membranes for Methane Conversion and SOFCs (NSF, Division of Chemical &Transport Systems)
  63. All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries (Caleb)
  64. High-Selectivity Gas Sensors (NASA - Lewis Research Center)
  65. Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award (GTRC)
  66. Thin-Film Oxygen Sensors (Engelhard)
  67. Focused Research Program in Nanostructured Materials for Electrochemical and Catalytic Applications, GTRC, M. Liu (PI), L. Bottomley, W. Rees, A. Saxena, N. Thadhani, Z. L. Wang, M. White, and J. Winnick.
  68. Development of BaCeO3 Based Materials for Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (EPRI)
  69. Synthesis, processing , & characterization of ceramic membranes for hydrogen separation (ANL)
  70. Development of Rubbery Electrolytes for Thin-Film Batteries (NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  71. Development of Mixed-Conducting Ceramic Membranes (Ceramatec)
  72. Interdisciplinary Research on Chemical Sensors, GTRC, M. Liu (PI) and M. White (Co-PI)
  73. Multifunctional Sensors for Combustion Control (GRI)
  74. Mixed Conductors for Oxygen Separation (GRI and EPRI)
  75. Electrochemical Removal of NOx from Engine Exhaust Using Ceramic Catalysts (DoE and Cummins Engine Company)
  76. Salt-Splitting Using Ceramic Membranes (Eka Nobel Chemicals)
  77. Process Development of Prototype Oxygen-Separation Devices Based on Mixed-Conductor Tubes (GRI)
  78. Thermoelectric Generators Based on Solid Electrolytes (ONR through University of Utah)
  79. Sodium Sensors Based on Ceramic Membranes (Elkem)

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